The most compact 20W green on the market!

Bright Solutions is proud to announce the newest SOL family device:
SOL 20W 532nm !

Maintaining its original footprint, SOL 532nm doubles now its average power providing over 20W and 1mJ per pulse, with excellent beam quality and just 24V/200W electrical consumption, which allows for effective air cooling of the all-in-one laser unit.
Flagship of the continuously evolving SOL fleet, it features built-in beam expander and aiming beam and offers interesting options like water- or conductive cooling, selectable beam expansion ratio, selectable beam polarization.
The novel SOL 20W 532nm will open the way to a new class of extremely compact high power green lasers emitting up to 35W at 532 nm.

Mechanical designer

Seniority Level:  Juniorlevel

Employment Type: Full-time

Job Functions: Laser and optical systems Mechanical designer

Description: Research and Development Mechanical designer

Job Location: Pavia (Italy)


Job Description:

The primary role of this position is work as Mechanical designer. The person also provides technical support and expertise to Company  programs in the field of advanced solid state lasers, optics, and optical systems.

This R&D Mechanical designer will be part of a highly skilled multi-expertise technical team working in the main company site in Pavia (Italy)


Required Qualifications

– Technical degree with knowledge in the field of Optics or Electronics Physics, or related field.

– Knowledge of English language r/w/s

– Active and creative attitude to problem finding/solving

– Willingness to learn and to share knowledge within working team


Desired (not mandatory) Skills

Bachelor/Master degree in Optical/Electrical Engineering, Physics or related fields

1-3 years of working experience in the laser/optical industry or other technical field.

Familiarity with Inventor or other design software.


To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter, quoting reference Mechanical Designer


29 Mar 2017 News
Bright Solutions Partner of the University of Pavia for new master’s degree

New supplier of microchip lasers – Bright Solutions

31 Dec 2015 News

Bright Solutions Srl (Pavia, Italy) has acquired the inventory and technology assets of Concepts Research Corporation (CRC), a leading US manufacturer of microchip lasers, for use in many industries for a variety of tasks including spectroscopy, MALDI, lidar, ranging, marking, very small feature micromachining, and many specialty applications.   Bright Solutions personnel spent time with CRC collaborating on a comprehensive technology transfer process which was successfully completed at the end of November 2015.
CRC’s principals decided, after a long successful run, to move on to new adventures.  CRC had locations in Wisconsin and in North Carolina, and both are being closed.
Bright Solutions will offer all of the standard CRC products. There is also an intensive product review ongoing at Bright Solutions to look at ways to redesign the units to make them more compact and cost effective and to introduce customer requested enhancements.
Bright Solutions has its main location in Pavia, Italy, where it employs approximately 40 employees.  Historically, Bright Solutions products have been air-cooled short nanosecond lasers and more recently picosecond lasers down to 100 ps.  Bright Solutions offers the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th harmonics of their lasers, as well as at times the 5th harmonic, and 1.5 um and 3.3 um versions of some of its lasers.  Bright Solutions has in excess of 4,000 lasers in use in the field.  The addition of the microchip laser fits well with the Bright Solutions products, completing the current product range with smaller, lower power and SLM laser units.  The microchip lasers generally have pulses that are 500 ps – 3 ns and will be manufactured and sold as stand-alone products or integrated as SLM seeders in Bright Solution’s powerful MOPA lasers.  In addition to the usual 1064 wavelength and its harmonics, the 946 nm line of the Nd:YAG is also used to produce lasers at 946, 473, 315, and 236 nm.

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