UV sub-ns DPSS lasers

PDMS Cutting

After several years of in-house testing and intensive testing in the field for some pilot  programs, Bright Solutions is happy to announce their new UV versions of the Wedge Lasers, the industrial sub-ns DPSS laser solution. The Wedge HF and XF are now available at 355nm and 266nm!

The Wedge HF and XF offer a pulse width less than 450ps, peak power up to 80 kW, are configurable in several frequency ranges from Single Shot to 200 kHz, and include the low jitter option. The compact all-in-one air-cooled package (contact cooled, or water-cooled versions are also available) makes them the preferred laser choice for LIDAR systems, marking systems, and micromachining equipment.

Atmospherical monitoring, biophotonic systems, OLED panel manufacturing, and anti-counterfeit coding on ophthalmic lenses, are just a few examples of the applications already qualified.

More details will be available during Photonics West 2019 in a few days.



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