• Up to 4 mJ Pulse Energy
  • 3 MW Peak Power
  • 500 ps to 3 ns Pulse Width
  • Single Shot to 100 kHz
  • Monolithic Design
  • Air Cooling
  • Low heat waste
  • 266, 355, 532, 1064, 1570, 3100 nm
  • Multi-wavelength configurations


  • Micromachining of glass and hard materials
  • Specialty marking
  • Thin film removal
  • LIBS
  • Medical, aesthetical and diagnostics
  • Non-linear Spectroscopy
  • Harmonic and parametric generation
  • Visible to IR OPO pumping
  • TeraHertz generation

Wedge family has been fully renewed in terms of performances and available models.
Wedge HB and XB models are currently available at 1064nm, 1570nm, 3100nm, 532nm, 355nm and 266nm;
laser pulse energy reaches 4 mJ with 1.5 ns pulsewidth.
Wedge-HF and Wedge-XF models are available in a very compact unit, only 8x9x19 cm, both at 1064nm and 532nm.

Repetition rate can reach 100 kHz and pulses can be shorter than 500 ps.

Wedge HF and XF Plus can reach higher power maintaining both the same pulsewidth and mechanical footprint!

Moreover also Wedge HF and XF are available at 355nm and at 266nm.

Based on a proprietary fast Q-Switching technology, these compact sealed and monolithic diode pumped lasers are insensitive to vibrations and harsh environments.
They have been designed for OEM applications like micro machining of hard and soft materials, specialty marking, OLED, glass and crystals engraving, LIDAR, LIBS,

Spectroscopy and medical diagnostics. High output peak power, with relatively low energy and heat generation, allows efficient ablation and non-linear interaction with most materials. The compact and lightweight package represents a great benefit in LIDAR and other aerospace applications, while short pulses give extremely precise time-of-flight measurements.

Options available

  • Beam Expanding and collimation optics
  • External beam separator with independent mechanical shutters
  • Red aiming beam
  • Circular Polarization
  • Monitoring Photodiode
  • AC-DC Power Supply