• Down to 3 ns
  • CW mode or Single Shot to 30 kHz
  • Up to 200 uJ
  • M2 <1.5
  • Miniaturized contact cooled design



  • Plastic marking
  • Material Processing
  • ID Card
  • Portable LIDAR
  • Remote sensing

Miniaturized Q-Switched laser

One is an example of how compact our lasers can be! A nanosecond pulsed Q-Switched DPSS (also configurable in CW mode) laser source with up to 200 uJ pulse energy is integrated in a very small and lightweight contact-cooled package; this unique laser solution is currently used in very compact marking systems and in portable instrumentation. The ns pulsewidth and 3W average power provide enough peak power to mark metals and plastics with extremely high quality, e.g. for gray-scale images, and to build LIDAR systems for atmospheric monitoring, altimetry and 3D mapping.

Options available

  • Internal photodiode
  • Beam Expanding and Collimating optics
  • Red aiming beam
  • Heat-Sink
  • AC DC Power Supply
  • Custom packaging