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3 Jul 2024 News

The solid-state laser market is experiencing rapid changes and facing significant challenges due to a surge of innovation opening up new markets. In the editorial of the EPIC Spotlight, Giuliano Piccinno, President and CEO of Bright Solutions, describes these dynamic shifts and their implications for the industry.

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Bright Solutions riceve il Premio Industria Felix, “tra le migliori PMI innovative per performance gestionale ed affidabilità finanziaria”.

7 Mar 2023 News

Il Premio Industria Felix – La Lombardia che compete è il risultato di una ricerca sui bilanci delle aziende lombarde svolta da Industria Felix Magazine, supplemento del Sole 24ore, in collaborazione con CERVED e Università LUISS Guido Carli. Venerdì 3 Marzo le 54 grandi medie e piccole imprese vincitrici sono state premiate presso l’Auditorium Giorgio Squinzi di Assolombarda. Tra loro Bright Soltuions SRL è stata insignita del premio con la seguente motivazione: “tra le migliori PMI innovative per performance gestionale ed affidabilità finanziaria Cerved con sede nella regione Lombardia”.
L’Ing. Giuliano Piccinno, CEO e Presidente di Bright Solutions, nel ritirare il Premio Industria Felix ha raccontato come l’azienda faccia innovazione da circa due decenni nel settore delle sorgenti laser a stato solido, risultando ad oggi un punto di riferimento mondiale in questo ambito tecnologico molto specifico. La grande specializzazione, la capacità di innovare e di essere presenti con i propri prodotti in tutti i continenti e in molti settori applicativi (dall’industria, alle applicazioni medicali, all’aerospazio) hanno dato all’azienda forza, riconoscibilità, resilienza anche nei momenti difficili per l’industria nel nostro Paese. Tutto questo grazie ad un team di persone di valore per competenza e motivazioni.
“Anche nell’era dell’intelligenza artificiale le persone, con i loro valori e le loro competenze, sono al centro della vita delle imprese e del loro valore”, ha dichiarato l’Ing. Piccinno.

NPS-T-800-1500: a new ultrafast tunable laser for nonlinear spectroscopy and imaging

7 Feb 2023 News

Modelling of complex systems like biological tissues, molecules interactions and many other phenomena are nowadays of big interest: imaging in live cells, tissues, and organisms is crucial for studies in medicine and biology because it enligthens the functional and structural status of biomolecules inside the living biological system. Methods meant for chemical and biological species identification and concentration measurement, such as Spectroscopy, based on the detection of emission spectra when properly irradiated by a light source, are in continuous progress. This is in thanks to the continually increasing  investment in research funding for medical, pharmaceutical and pollutant imaging and monitoring. In particular, Raman spectroscopy is a growing technological sector: Raman-based processes reveal vibrational states without having limitations such as unwanted photo toxicity and fluorescent probes. Raman has certain advantages in both the label-free imaging and probed imaging of small biomolecules, with respect to spontaeus Raman scattering. Coherent Raman Scattering (CRS), which include Stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) and both CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering), are showing  additional  benefits.

SRS microscopy has emerged in the last decade as a powerful optical imaging technology with high chemical selectivity, speed, and subcellular resolution. Applications of SRS in research and the clinic have generated new insights in many fields including neurobiology, tumor biology, developmental biology, metabolomics, pharmacokinetics, and more. SRS imaging can be obtained by using two narrowband picosecond lasers that provide high speed vibrational imaging of a single Raman band at video rate (single-frequency SRS microscopy). It is commonly used to image known components in samples.

Raman spectroscopy like CARS and SRS require multiple laser wavelengths in order to operate. In most cases a narrow spectral laser operation (<6 cm-1) is an advantage with respect to femtosecond sources. The detection of specific stoke (or Anti-stokes) shifts is possible only with a limited bandwith.  A transform limited picosecond pulse train represent the best trade-off for the application.

In order to meet the requirement of this microscopy field, Bright Solutions proposes the NPS-T-800-1500, a novel tunable ultrafast laser with narrow-bandwidth emission as candidate tool for Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy. Offering a proper combination of optical properties, the NPS-T-800-1500, is a widely tunable ultrafast laser using an optical parametric oscillator (OPO), with high spectral purity and extremely narrow bandwith, delivering high intensity ultrafast pulses in several wavelength regions, and providing a unique solution in the field of laser spectroscopy and imaging.

This picosecond laser  (T< 8 ps) provides four simultaneous outputs with high repetition rate (typ 40 MHz), high output power, short pulse duration, and narrow linewidth, making it the ultimate source for nonlinear microscopy. Two outputs are independently tunable in the 750 – 950 nm and 1200 – 1800 nm ranges, while the third and fourth are fixed at 1064 nm and 532 nm. The four simultaneous outputs enable advanced CARS and SRS applications with dual-band imaging, a broader selection of vibrational resonance frequencies and more.

The laser outputs are near Fourier Limited, enabling  targeting of the desired vibrational transitions depending on the chemical compound.  Optical bandwidths are narrower than 0.3 nm. The output laser beams are Near diffraction limited, having high beam quality M2<1,2 enabling a

small spot on samples. Moreover, the pump laser and the tunable non-linear downconverter are hosted in a compact monolithic case, a“all-in-one-box”, enabling a rugged solution for integration in both microscopy systems and laboratories.

Illustrated below is the compact and rugged NPS-T-800-1500 developed by Bright Solutions.ù



Bright Solutions at Laser World of Photonics 2022, Munich

20 Apr 2022 Expo, News

After three years from the last exhibition in Europe, we are happy to invite you to join Bright Solutions at Laser World of Photonics in Munich, April 26-29 at booth  A5.221.

Our team will drive you through a wide portfolio of our best-seller ns and sub-ns DPSS lasers in infrared, green and UV.

You will also have the opportunity to discover our new product families as the Aero series – high pulse-energy lasers developed for FPD repair, LiDAR and LIBS – and Nps and Dps picosecond laser models suitable for spectroscopy and advanced imaging.


And if you want a wider overview, we prepared a dedicated space for exploring the specific activities of our satellite companies!

Do not forget! 26-29 April, Laser World of Photonics, Munich, booth A5.221!

100 W – 300 ps DPSS Lasers in a compact robust package

Bright Solutions’ sub-ns DPSS lasers are field proven subsystems of many portable lidar sensors. Many successful installations have confirmed worldwide the ability of these laser sources to operate on land vehicles as well as airplanes and helicopters. Keeping the concept of a ruggedized all-in-one IP 67 package, the company has now realized several higher power units featuring over 100W of average power at 1064 nm, with pulse durations in the range 300 to 900 ps and repetition rate up to 200 kHz.

Originally developed for aerospace applications, these laser units have now become powerful tools for the industry.

The lasers are based on the company’s proprietary unique sub-ns DPSS fast active Q-Switching technology continuously developed during the last decade. The consolidated single-unit and monolithic design facilitates the integration of these high power MOPA lasers in OEM industrial applications like micro-machining and ablation as well as in high-precision high-throughput LIDAR sensors.

Infrared (1064nm) and green (532nm) solutions are available in semi-customized packages, equipped with either industrial or Mil-spec connectors.

Visit Bright Solutions Booth 2245 at Photonics West and discuss the most suitable configuration according to your application needs!



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