Extended operating range options for Sol and Onda ns DPSS lasers

Bright Solutions offers extended temperature range options on several high power DPSS lasers. Extreme operating conditions can be requested on Sol and Onda ns DPSS lasers, as well as on Wedge and other sub-ns laser products, to assure stable performance for applications that require operation outdoors, in the field, airborne, under water or in space. When featuring extended operating range options, our lasers can be singularly qualified and tested at their specified operating conditions. In this picture, an air cooled Sol ns laser is tested in our climatic chamber at -35°C for long term operation at 10W, 532nm. Temperature stress tests can be regularly performed in our climatic chamber, from -60°C, to +80°C.
Extreme operating ranges can be achieved thanks to dedicated optical designs, specific components selection and through smart and powerful internal temperature controls.
Most extended temperature options do not require any modification to the exterior footprint of Onda and Sol lasers, therefore no mechanical modifications will be necessary for systems integrating such lasers in different environmental conditions.
Mil-spec systems, airborne lasers and outdoor pollution monitoring stations are just a few application examples.

The most compact 20W green on the market!

Bright Solutions is proud to announce the newest SOL family device:
SOL 20W 532nm !

Maintaining its original footprint, SOL 532nm doubles now its average power providing over 20W and 1mJ per pulse, with excellent beam quality and just 24V/200W electrical consumption, which allows for effective air cooling of the all-in-one laser unit.
Flagship of the continuously evolving SOL fleet, it features built-in beam expander and aiming beam and offers interesting options like water- or conductive cooling, selectable beam expansion ratio, selectable beam polarization.
The novel SOL 20W 532nm will open the way to a new class of extremely compact high power green lasers emitting up to 35W at 532 nm.