Bright Solutions UV lasers for micromachining and special marking

Based on our Fast Q-switching Design, the UV versions of Wedge and Onda are having an increasing success in several high – tech application fields and in special marking processes.
UV versions of the Wedge HF and Onda feature excellent beam quality (M2 <1.3 and beam roundness >90%) and high peak power – up to 40kW – and can perform high-resolution microprocessing tasks in electronic applications (OLED manufacturing, trimming and corrections), marking and patterning on special materials (delicate plastics, CR39 lenses, glass).
Thanks to our proprietary Active Q-Switch Technology, the delicate UV optics are not affected by degradation when the laser is in pause or stand-by mode, but only during UV lasing action, which is triggered by the user. This feature allows to increase the lifetime of our UV laser sources.
In Wedge HF and Onda lasers, the FHG stage can also be refurbished on site using specific HW and SW tools provided by the Company.
The high energy models (up to 0.5 mJ at 266nm), like Wedge-HB and Wedge-XB, can be useful when relatively low repetition rates are require (few kHz range), in many industrial and LIDAR applications.
All our UV solutions feature our typical single-unit compact air-cooled design as standard configuration. Optional packages and cooling concepts are available.